What Is Natural Healing?

The words natural and healing are both huge concepts. Obviously these two concepts are interdependent. This may be the reason that some insist on pairing them. I must ask the questions. What is nature? And…What is healing.

Without taking the time to consult Google, lets think about this for a moment. Nature on both the micro and macro scale is Life in expression. Healing is the persistent process of continuous, constantly creative generation, repair and regeneration within nature’s ecosystems. Perfection is the intangible quality shared by these huge concepts.

Because of this fact, it behooves us to include this magnificent reality as we design our world’s health care. By holding the principle of inherent perfection in ourselves, we move t0ward it. As we do this, we evolve and transform and become who and what we are by Being and allowing the possibility of the eternal WHY.

The highest goal in each chiropractic adjustment is to maximize the expression of the perfection from within as this living impulse permeates both brain and body. The timing between heart beats can be measured and demonstrated as seen below, in the heart rate variability (HRV) image. By improving spinal function through specific chiropractic adjustment, the quality and quantity of the whole (brain-body) in is enhanced in present time. Remember that obviously all time, nature and healing happens only in the present moment…www.pikechiropractic.com wwwfacebook.com/PikeChiropracticKeswickOntario

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