How Do I Maximize Your Child’s Health?

Next Wednesday night here in our reception area, I will be hosting a power point presentation on some revolutionary health concepts. Why are so many of our kids being diagnosed with a condition and then prescribed medication? Is it they who have the problem or is it us?

What do I mean by a revolutionary health concept?  In my 30+ years of  experience, most parents are upset when their child is suffering. They are distracted from their busy lives and may even lose precious sleep time. A parent may also lose work hours, opportunities and income during the trips to and from the doctors and hospitals. After all that sacrifice they will often be told that the solution to their child’s suffering is a drug which will only treat the symptoms and not even come close to correcting the cause of the underlying dysfunction that is causing them.  In my opinion too many settle for this superficial remedy. This ironically is because drugs do work to suppress or mask a great variety of signs and symptoms.  Another opinion I have and this is not a judgement on anyone in particular is that by giving chemicals to children for a problem is sending the wrong message to our kids about drug use while failing to address the actual cause of the child’s health issues.

This brings us to the revolutionary concept. Let me give an example here. When diagnosing children with ADHD the treatment of choice is the Ritalin brand or methylphenadate (MPD) its chemical name. I have seen many of these kids. Most of us know that because it is so easy for a school to have a child labelled with this commonly identified condition the use of this chemical is bringing in billions for its maker.  In the PDR (physicians desk reference) it is clearly stated that they don’t know how MPD works. When asked for the science on this drug which is untestedfor use in children under six years of age, they say it “juices up the central nervous system”.   They say the problem is with the nervous system. For those of you who are under chiropractic care you’ll recall that this  is what I work with every day in  my chiropractic clinic. They say that the nerve system is where the problem is. This vastly overdiagnosed condition  is from dysfunction due to imbalanced  chemicals in a child necessary for focus and calmness.  BUT they don’t connect the two! …Then they say that this powerful class II narcotic – similar in effect to cocaine, is safe to give our kids for ADHD because it fixes the symptoms.  BUT, they don’t know how it works. This is malpractice in my opinion. here is the revolutionary bit: What if the chemical imbalance in your child, regardless of the condition’s name, is caused by a malfunction in their nervous system that is caused by a correctable and proven spinal condition chiropractors call SUBLUXATION.  This is defined as a spinal misalignment with nerve disturbances that is caused by the overwhelm of the maturing nervous system of your growing child. Wouldn’t you want to know about this revolutionary explanation? Wouldn’t you want to know how to help your child adapt better in this chemicalized  and over-medicated world? This my friend is the purpose and mission of my service to our community. I am committed to educate and demonstrate this reality of true health care to any parent who will listen and realize the potential for huge changes in their family and so their quality of life.

What makes this chiropractic awareness revolutionary is that before you can see it you must believe it.  The proof is also available to all parents who care enough about their own lives to actually change their mind about how health happens and how it is lost. Here’s the link to next week’s meeting:

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