How are Sickness and Wellness the same?

Both of these are the end state of a process. A process is a string of decisions and actions over time.  The ‘health crisis’ we are in the midst of is a condition of too many people living in the state of sickness and its consequences. Do you see this is true? Most of us would agree that in this context the world is at at “tipping point”.

I am a chiropractor with over thirty years of practice experience. I focus primarily on wellness awareness in my practice here in Uptown Keswick.

What is that?  Well, if we are to shift out of this alleged health crisis, in my humble opinion we need to start being more careful about how we use language. By this I mean there is no health crisis. That term is an oxymoron. Health by definition of the World Health Organization is “a natural state of complete physical, chemical and social (I would say emotional) well being and not merely the absence of symptoms and/or infirmity.”

So how can there ever be a “health” crisis? What we mean is that there isn’t enough health correct? We have too many people moving away from this state and towards something else. Don’t let your mind fog over at this point. Each of us is responsible to be very clear about our world wide crisis for what it is. TO MUCH SICKNESS and NOT ENOUGH WELLNESS. To quote a colleague, Dr. Jason Deitch, coauthor of Discover Wellness – How staying healthy can make your life rich; “We need more people less sick”. I agree. Do you?

We can do this by spreading state of health awareness. On September 17 at 7 to 8 pm we are doing this with parents at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre. Please register yourself and a friend who can be your accountability partner. Here’s the poster:

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