Row Row Row Your Boat…

Row row row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream. That’s my rowboat above sitting in Simcoe.  Below is a pic of a Northern Pike…a powerful living creature.

I don’t think this fish knows that it is living in water. It just breaths through its gills and propels its way forward.  Not many lifeforms move backwards do they. Crawfish and humming birds come to mind. We have forgotten that we live in wellness on a planet teaming with life. That’s right… many humans spend a lot of time in reverse gear. Forgetting that we are spiritual beings capable of creating and manifesting life experiences, we often think about what we don’t want and act surprised when it shows up. Been there done that…We do the same thing with health. Forgetting that health comes from within us we focus on fixing the symptoms caused by lost health…sculpting our physical forms, taking food supplements, dieting and fussing about the right foods. All reasonable lifestyle choices yet we do this while living with a spinal system so damaged that it is pinching us off from our own source of life. Most of the time this decrease in potential starts with birth and when we are very young.

MAXIMIZING YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH POTENTIAL is a Free Community Workshop on Wed Sept 17th  focused on how we can move forward towards better health and fully expressed human potential. How have our children become so unhealthy in the last couple of decades? A useful answer is that disease comes from the body’s INABILITY TO ADAPT to stress. How do we restore this skill? Join us to learn more. Bring a friend to share this perspective with afterwards. It will change your life.


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