How To Take Advantage Of Divine Design By Not Being Bogged Down Under STUFF

I have been on a perpetual vacation since graduating from chiropractic college. I have never worked a day in my life. Would you like to know my secret? Me too! Lets see what I’m going to write about in this blog post.

The title has clues for us. What do I mean by Divine Design? Well I could have used the term God Consciousness; but the G word has so much baggage attached to it. Religious concepts for example are something I/we haven’t got time to mess with. I use the term Divine because it implies something bigger than me/us. Design implies that an intelligence is operating in plain sight for us to observe and either embrace or ignore. There’s the rub; we are constantly choosing to do one or the other on purpose or by accident where we end up paying the ignorance tax. We each have stories of our ignorance tax contributions. We like to compare them for sport.

One of the reasons for my life-long holiday is that I seemed to naturally understand what chiropracTIC is and does. So, it became my personal mission to spend my life becoming the best chiropracTOR that I could be. So this comes down to who I am. I remember, one of my earliest desires was to know how things work on this planet. Later, I refined this desire from knowing the how to understanding the Why. Here’s a TED Talk by Simon Sinek on the power of WHY.

========== TED VIDEO

What does it mean to ‘take advantage’? In high school one of my strengths and joys was playing basketball. I was 6’3″ and I could out-jump anyone vertically. (Sorry Lauchie) So my coach could ”take advantage’ of my talent as a rebounder for the good of the team. I was a naturally gifted leaper because it came from inside me. It made me confident. We can confide in and with what comes from inside. Its dependable.

Finally, what do I mean by ‘bogged down’? The thing I learned from chiropractic science and philosophy is that the Source of health is what our early chiros referred to as Innate Intelligence. What makes chiropractic dependable is the fact that the body you are living in is being created and regulated by the intelligence within and permeating Its divine design. Innate intelligence is the constant and consistent integration of all of the different interrelated functions that make up our physical instrument. I have spent many days of my life learning why and how to tune-up the human instrument from the inside-out. We call this process chiropractic art of spinal adjustment.

So, what happens when the human instrument is kept in tune? This is something you can only experience. Talk is cheap. Someone who has been under chiropractic care has an advantage over others in this respect. One of the benefits of chiropractic adjustment is that you will begin to experience that life only happens in the NOW. I trust this brief introduction to real health has opened your mind and your heart to the Divine Design of your living body.

As you live in the world it is common to be caught up in conditions which pull us into either past or future illusion. This time travel is the norm of being bogged down in time. I remember choosing to wait rather than Be who I was here to be. Health and healing is about living to be exceptional and unique. This means being aligned with your authentic frequency as it moves by Divine Design through your brain and nervous system in the only time there is…the present moment.

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog.

Dr. Bob Pike.

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