Self Healing Tips For Human Beings From Mother Nature Or Gaia

“James Lovelock, Gaia′s grand old man – The scientist who first theorized that our planet is a biological organism, not merely a rock, discusses life on Earth and the possibilities for its future. Published on, 17 August 2000. “Life clearly does more than adapt to the Earth. It changes the Earth to its own purposes. Evolution is a tightly coupled dance, with life and the material environment as partners. From the dance emerges the entity Gaia”

Lovelock with these words mirrors the main premise of Chiropractic. “In all living things there is an Universal Intelligence which is constantly and consistently sharing its qualities and attributes with physical matter helping it to addapt; thereby maintaining matter in existence.” I you can embrace this principle into your life; you will live longer and stronger.

Today is EARTH DAY 2016. Where does Earth go for healing? What do you and I have in common with the planet we call home for now? The answer is we are ALIVE. Life is an intelligent force that inspires us to adapt and creates all healing. The changes of Earth environment that we are experiencing are all connected to this powerful Force that when fully in expression is virtually magical. When the power of Life is flowing through us we can know Life if we choose. Everything is in motion. We are either moving towards or away from Life. Does this make sense? This is the reason that most of us visit with doctors – we are moving further away from Life. We desire help Because something is making us uncomfortable.

Remember that your symptoms (too much/too little/ too fast/too slow) are your body speaking to you.
Would you cut the wire to your fire alarm? Why not? Would you cover up your ‘check engine’ light?
The medical profession is still limited to only two solutions. Namely drugs and surgery.
The truth about drugs is now common knowledge. They only mask the symptom. And those side effects! For example people on Prozak are 12 times more likely to commit suicide and reactions to prescription medication is the third leading cause of death.
The statistics on spinal surgery are changing. You are responsible to ensure everything else has been tried before doing a procedure you can’t reverse.
Obviously something has to change.
This means we must make different choices.
So if adding drugs and subtracting parts aren’t the path to health what is? The answer to this question can save your life by adding years of quality time to it. Do you have goals? What will you need to live them out? Money and time. What is the only way of creating time? BY BEING HEALTHY.

What is the secret to Health? The secret is spelled by the first 4 letters: H.E.A.L. To experience health or optimal function, you must understand what it means to HEAL. Each of the terms below are part of the living experience of health in action. Healthy lifestyle choices naturally move our lives towards HEALTH.

H – holistic, happy, holy, heresy

E – energetic, eternal, enthusiastic, empathy, everything is connected

A – altitude, attitude, allow, ask

L – Love, let, listen, leverage,

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