I Feel Stronger, Happier and I Can Get Up And GO Every Morning Again”

          Dr. Bob Pike’s Insights Into The Chiropractic Lifestyle  

by Dr. Bob Pike, D.C. Keswick, Ontario, Canada





The interesting thing about this individual is his holistic outcome. After causing injury to his lower back, he reports in his testimonial below that not only did he become stronger, he also experienced the unmistakeable mind-body connection effect.

This means that he felt happier as his girlfriend noticed.

Question, how can his muscles be stronger after he has not been working out for months? Answer…his body is in better LIFE CONNECTION.

This is the expected chiropractic outcome. Strength comes from LIFE. Bigger muscles take working out. Don’t confuse the difference. If your body is subluxated your muscle connection will weaken regardless of how big they are. This is why olympic athletes take their Doctor of Chiropactic with them to the competition,

For that matter, how well your whole body works is directly related to the quality of its spinal LIFE CONNECTION. This is a scientific fact. Chiropractic outcomes listed below are proof of this.



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