After My First Adjustment, I am “Pleased and hopeful”

Insights By Dr. Pike Into The Chiropractic LIfestyle  (Inspired by testimonials about Dr. Bob Pike)

Thank you for visiting Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre website and taking a moment to read my blog. The powerful testimonial below make me wish I could remember who this “41 year old man” is. I’ve been purging my files after almost 29 years in Keswick Ontario and this jumped out at me.

These days there is so much confusion in the health field.  It is refreshing to read someone who seems to grasp the simplicity of increasing his experience of health (function) through chiropractic, while he still possesses it.

What makes this record so important is that he was an honest skeptic. He did give chiropractic a chance to work because he saw it as “an initial step to improving my overall health.” And so he experienced the power of adjustments because of his openness. He even admitted to being “like most people I was somewhat skeptical about the larger claims from the chiropractic community”.

So what happened? The healing experience “overwhelmed” him. He didn’t expect to ” feel more energy that I had in 25 years”. I am thankful I found his file. It proves what I’ve known for years. Most people are just like him but fearful. If this is you then being like most people has stopped you from increasing your LIFE CONNECTION and from living more fully. Your fear has caused you to suffer from yet another MISSED OPPORTUNITY in your life.  If reading this causes you to change your mind about trying chiropractic then I welcome you to this man’s group “Pleased-and-hopeful”


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  1. Carol Hall says:

    Amazing testimony. Glad you shared. Nothing like other patients describing the effects and impacts of excellent chiropractic on their lives.

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