“He (Chiropractic) Has Helped Me To Get Back To My Life”!

Dr. Pike’s Insights Into The Chiropractic Lifestyle

by Dr. Bob Pike D.C. Keswick, Ontario,


Please scroll down, read the report card take a look at my comments to know why life is better with chiropractic

Do you have sleep difficulties, persistent headaches and “severe” lower back pains that may stop you from working? Living The Chiropractic Lifestyle stopped all these from happening in this person’s life in just a few months…for good.

The amazing thing is that we were never ‘treating’ her health problems.  Nope! Chiropractic adjustments are for one purpose only. Stop the cause and the effects disappear.

Subluxation is a buildup of sensory stress in the human nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments reduce this buildup allowing the body to return to balanced function as it is designed to do naturally.

That means that every time you are adjusted; your brain is able to both talk and listen to your body way better.



1 thoughts on ““He (Chiropractic) Has Helped Me To Get Back To My Life”!

  1. Carol Hall says:

    I cannot think of any higher praise than a patient thanking his doctor for getting his life back. Amazing.

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