“No angina, sleep better (peace of mind) and more energy”.

by Dr. Bob Pike, D.C.


Why do some people get sick while others don’t?

This patient had lost her driver’s licence after hitting her head in a serious fall causing dizziness, light headedness, hearing loss and balance issues.

Her spine was subluxated by this event!  After a few adjustment visits, she was driving again.

The original chiropractic idea was new to science in 1885. Chiropractic science research proposes that the function or your neuro-spinal communication organ may be a key factor in health quality.

Why are these health improvements possible? Because specific chiropractic adjustments do change the brain by improving its spinal sensory organ communications.

  1. No angina (The heart is controlled by the central nerve system and spine)

  2. Sleep better and peace of mind ( both proof of decreased stress in the nerve system)

  3. More energy (The better the body’s cells work the more efficient everything is because the adjustments influence ALL CELLS in the whole body

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