Is It Possible That Your Pain Is An Emotion?

What an interesting idea! Pain can be experienced (felt) because it is a perception  The human body has multiple types of sensors to pickup and transmit information to the brain. These sensors are called nociceptors.  We must understand how important it is for us that the brain receive  protective signals indicating that there is either a potential for or actual tissue damage.  This means that our brain is being bombarded by nociceptive and data constantly!  Nociception = potential tissue damage while noxious nociception = actual tissue damage. It is vital that you understand that all nociceptive information is negative and therefore a stressor to your brain.  The more stressors impacting the brain, the more STRESSED the brain becomes.  The more stressed you are the higher the possibility you will lapse into reflexive, reactive behaviors out of a defensive posturing.

Hans Selye the famous Canadian researcher wrote his PhD thesis –  Stress Without Distress.  While doing his medical rounds as a medical intern; he realized that everyone he saw in the hospital had the same appearance. They all looked the same…sick. Why did so many people with such different problems…all look the same?

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