Believing allows seeing!

What do I believe healing is?

I believe my body is self healing, self regulating and self organizing.
I believe this because my body is alive.
Because it is self evident (proven) that the intelligence of life can build and grow a whole and complete human body during a nine month pregnancy… So it is obvious healing is  a natural effect of the expression of invisible life moving through visible matter.

How many different symptoms can result from a decrease in the expression of life in the human body?

Every symptom is the result of this cause. Decreasing order is the cause of increasing disorder.  The term DISORDER is another word for SYMPTOM…Can you make yourself believe this? If you could the next task would be to accept that every disorder can be reversed by increasing the expression of life in the form experiencing disorder. Remember at this point that the purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to increase the expression of life through the master control system known as the nervous system.

This is the reason for the accuracy of this quote:

Why do I believe this?

Same answer.

What do I chose to do based on my certainty and conviction in the power of Life?
I choose to learn and practice and master the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic BECAUSE, chiropractic is focused on and designed to increase the presence of life and its expression in the human body. Chiropractic adjustment has this as its core purpose. If you cannot move the way you need to adjustment will bring this freedom back. But that is far from the primary purpose of chiropractic adjustment… If you have lost your life connection; a specific chiropractic adjustment will restore your power source and initiate a healing process that is ‘not possible’ without it…that’s right…NOT POSSIBLE.

The purpose of our collapsing medical model is TREATMENT for RELIEF. The purpose of chiropractic is different…and requires some thought to appreciate before you can receive the full benefit of what is possible. ADJUSTMENT for HEALING. Can you see the difference? In my opinion you can’t see the difference until you believe the difference. WHEN YOU BELIEF IT YOU CAN SEE IT AND NOT BEFORE.

Relief doesn’t equate to healing.  I have spent the past 35 years mastering a system of life enhancement by “adjustment” and measuring the results.  These results eventually document the evidence of increased expression and the potential for enhanced life experience by the regularly adjusted individual.

Below is a clear proof of this in one of the three central nervous system scans I include in the before and after assessments I do. I choose ‘believing allows seeing’ because of this powerful phenomenon is easily demonstrated on my health scanning technology:

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