Healing Means CHANGE! by Dr. Bob Pike

One of the best aspects to me politically speaking about being in chiropracTIC is that it is still pioneering! Those are two ‘P’ words with punch! Politics as defined by Websters: 1.political affairs or business; specifically competition between competing interest groups or individuals for power and leadership. 2. the total complex of relations between people in society.

We are living in a time when the biggest political battlefield is the arena vaguely referred to as HEALTH CARE. The two interest groups competing for attention and power are chiropractic and medicine. Another way to clarify this would be to say the two distinct models of care are 1. treatment for relief and 2 adjustment for healing. This wording makes it easy to see which one you are espousing in your lifestyle choices.  My title offers further insight into where health comes from: Constant change.

The distinction between these two fields of endeavour is important to realize for each of us. Relief is not healing. This is worth spending the time to be clear about. Treatment for relief is a suppression usually by chemicals of malfunction by your body. It is interesting to know that there are only two types of malfunction in our body. Too much and too little or to fast or too slow. Drugs inhibit or stimulate to bring relief. Chiropractic adjustment increases the presence of innate intelligence in your body from inside-out. Without outside-in manipulation the exact effect of spinal adjustment reduces the stress buildup in your body which naturally allows changes to happen which means healing.  When the body is allowed to work it always does so just like a cork always floats.

Watch the Autonomic Activity Diagram above which is the result of three neurological scans done one month apart. Give yourself the chance to take in the profound meaning of this image. Evidence based medicine has gone to great lengths to define health by numbers, (blood pressure, sugar count, prostate or PSA, liver function results…) All of these are numbers which can be manipulated by dangerous chemicals made and sold by big pharma and distributed by your local medical physician or public schools.  This is one of three scans that any neurologically focused or subluxation based chiropracTOR can do during their initial assessment to measure a person’s available energy reserves and state of brain balance amidst the stress of today’s world. The persistent changes in this can is solely due to the natural forces working inside the body being scanned. As chiropractic adjustment releases stress buildup the numbers GO UP and with them so does healing.  Using this and other neurological data, your Chiropractor  is able to produce a measurement of your body’s neurological efficiency. This number between 1 and 100 is your COREscore. Do you know yours yet?  Here are  the ranges:

1-59: very challenged

60-69 : challenged

70-79: transitional

80-89: Good

90-95: very good

95-100: excellent!

Healing Means Change! Drugs keep the body locked in DIS-EASE forever. Change is not possible. We live in a time when YOU MUST CHOOSE where you want to live.

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