Fertilization +Gestation=Birth

I have known for years that health and wellness are the normal states for each of us. The proof of this is in the title of this brief post.

The image is an 8 week old Fetus. Previously a gestating Embryo; Fetus is the name of the completely formed human body!

Imagine for a moment that at a cellular level the above three phases keep happening if there is no interference. Can you imagine that without interference we are being reborn constantly and continuously.

Reading that paragraph again will help you to raise your consciousness of what your precious health is based on. I have mentioned the word ‘gestation’ which is the formative period of the human form. This amazing process is the exact same thing that your body is doing in each now moment throughout your life if you have learned how to live without causing interference to your body’s innate regenerative process.

I’m sure you are very interested to know how to live this way. Simple really. There are only three types of interference on planet Earth:

Emotional or psychological
What does interference mess with? Good question and the core principle of the totally unique health concept known as the chiropractic adjustment.

Stay tuned for more in next Friday’s blog entry

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