Neuroplasticity…How Your Spine Is..So Your Brain Functions.

Neuro (Central Processor or Brain) Plasticity (changeable or adaptable)

Here’s a thought to ponder. Does the spine influence the brain? To clarify this consider a spine that is not in ideal alignment. Some segments in this structure are inflamed and the spinal cord inside the spinal bones is being stretched and irritated (chiros call this subluxation). The law of the body dictates that when there is potential or actual damage to tissues the brain must be informed. So here is the answer to the question above. The spine when unhealthy does send messages to the brain as sensors going off in subluxated areas fire signals the brain is monitoring. This warning system accumulates and loads your brain into a state of stress.

Conversely, will an unsubluxated spine in a higher state of well being be an asset to us? The answer here seems self-evident.

Obviously this is an involved topic. So here’s an introductory video  See you on my next blog post.

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