What Stops You Knowing Health Expression Is Your Natural State?

There are two states of awareness you can be in when you think about it.

  1. The state of belief
  2. The state of knowing

Belief about anything ironically contains the exact opposite belief about the same thing. Belief is actually a state of wanting to know without knowing.

Knowing is three levels deep.

You can know about something (intellectual)

You can know that you know (experiential)

You can know that your know that you know. (you are living it daily)

Question; The way to increase your knowing is to ask – is the ‘something’ in my body that has unlimited knowledge relating to my body’s functions?

Answer; Consider the process of human fertilization, conception and gestation as your body was being created in your mother’s womb. The key point is that all of this ‘creation’ is happening NOW.  The human body must exist in the present moment. Whatever influences this state of present time function (PTF) is essential to health and well being.

Let’s list some of these.

  1. sleep
  2. meditation
  3. dreaming
  4. play
  5. happiness
  6. Joy
  7. Freedom

Can you see that PTF is your natural state? Conversely, resentment and regret are you thinking about the past while fear and anxiety or thinking into the future are both detrimental to you mastering your natural state of present time function. Can this grow you health? What if you get lost in one or the other of these distortions of present time?  What if you are living in an identity of either a past experience or a future possibility?  Could this weaken your immune system to the point of disease? Do you know anyone who live like this? As we unconsciously choose to live out of the present moment there are consequences.

Now perhaps you will understand why it is vital to know just how to be in your present time functional state.  For example we see below in a Heart Rate Variability scan the actual performance of a body at either 56%, 69% or 89% efficiency. This transformation took under three months to happen. Which would you choose? Insanity is to expect something to change without changing anything in ourselves.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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