“Loss Of Pain. Feeling Almost Human Again”..

Pain is so often the reason for people showing up at the chiropractor.  This patient was suffering with advanced disc degeneration which had become chronic over the years. We were able to help her to suffer less with a system she obviously appreciated.

Unfortunately with those who are long suffering; the reason for leaving our care is the same as the one for coming in the first place.  It didn’t matter how good I was at “explaining” and getting results for her.  When the pain becomes too much, and the Life Principle isn’t clearly understood; there is always another therapist to try.

The moral of this patient’s story is lifetime commitment to spinal hygiene. Take care of your spine with a strategy that includes a lifestyle chiropractic care plan approach over time. Chiropractic care is not for pain relief. Often adjustments will be just the right thing as is evident in her testimonial. However at other times the limitations of matter prevent resolution of chronic symptoms. Regular chiropractic care is a necessity for all of us who desire to live in a fully functional human state.

The 24th principle of chiropractic states that the body’s “innate intelligence is limited by the limitations of matter”.  Don’t let your body degrade over time due to the three stressors.  Make gravity, food and your mental stresses into your friends by always learning about them.









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