“More Power In Shoulder” And Ability To Do More For Longer Periods”.

Your health depends on muscles that are strong and in proper balance!  Did you know that just one spinal adjustment increases muscle strength significantly? All of them throughout your whole body!

This patient noticed that her “bad” shoulder worked much better after she adopted spinal adjustments into her life. Each shoulder joint requires the harmonized contraction and relaxation of 12 muscles. TWELVE!  Do you see why the should joint is so frequently injured!?

I can confidently state that humans under the care of a chiropractor suffer fewer injuries because their muscles are on the job as this testimonial indicates below. Just think for a second about how your core strength would benefit from a specific chiropractic optimum lifestyle care program. Plants need water, living soil and SUN. Think about what could happen when you add adjustments to your yoga and workouts.  This is called Quantum health my friends!

Don’t wait. You would be wasting the time of your life. TAKE ACTION. Call us here at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre and have a listen to the recorded video testimonials here in our website.





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