What Is Your Core Score?

Here at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre we measure your results! I’m posting this CORESCORE record to show how we do this. You can see below that the Corescore is a measure of brain to body communication that is constantly happening along the spine in a healthy physical body.

This is the simple chiropractic premise. Your body is a neurologically controlled learning organism.  Your body is designed to move. Spinal misalignments affect motion negatively and cause degeneration over time including disturbances to the nervous system inside the spinal structures. This is simple logic and is being clearly proven by chiropractic scientists every day.

Notice below the patient’s spinal health trajectory is moving towards 80 (an optimal CORESCORE).  A knowledge of spinal hygiene and regular wellness chiropractic checkups are needed to protect your bodies central core communication network.

Spinal Hygiene is the practice of habits that enhance overall spinal function. These movements and disciplines are simple and done daily. Just like teeth, if you mistreat or ignore your spine it will begin a process of degeneration and decay.  I teach these spinal health concepts in my practice.




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