Source Is Primary or…How Stuff Works!

B.J. Palmer – the developer of our chiropractic profession wrote this in 1946.

“You and I are. We did not happen. We are a result. We are replicas of many who have gone before. We represent a pattern.”

In this pattern everything is properly placed. started running, and keeps on keeping on until its destined time to end. All viscera and organs are functioning as fore-ordained Because we are, all prone to take all for granted, giving little thought to what it was and is that made us.
Within each of us is an Innate Intelligence. This Innate is a great reservoir of limitless potentialities. To the man who begins at birth, finds it impossible to continue at death, and does some thinking between, it is an untapped, unexplored continuity of all good constructive vital necessities, the length, breadth and depth of which no man has yet fathomed.

Innate within us is as great as the country, continent, and universe it arises from and causes to come into being. The Innate within us is as great as the product of the universe, continent, country, and man and woman it made. To observe the man and woman and deny the intelligence which made them is not sufficient, for behind all products IS the producer. The intellectual producer works, and the intellectual product is no less that its source.

Man was builded by the Innates of the male father and female mother. Man was produced and reproduced by the Innates of Male and female. Any Innate that MADE man is the Innate that keeps man alive and sane in his physical and mental functions. To ignore Innate because Innate cannot be seen under a microscope or measured quantitatively or qualitatively in a chemical test tube is common-sense folly, even if it is scientifically nonsense. We admit the product and deny the producer.

To study Innate is to gain knowledge of the source of that which works to rebuild man if he digresses from normal. to rebuild health to sickness: to restore sanity to insanity: for as one fades in, the other fades out — all coming from within outward. Nothing that comes from the outside inward, or from below upward, artificially, has permanent value.

Notwithstanding man’s boasted science, there exists an intelligence that conceived male and female, man and woman. It further conceived the pregnancy method, the time of gestation, the manner of birth of male and female, the balances of sexes in reproduction This intelligence as been following that definite and positive pattern for millions of years with millions of people. Not only does THAT intelligence reproduce, but it is intelligent sufficient to produce man AFTER he is born: regulate and balance his functions: keep him in life and health: and restore health and sanity if sickness nd insanity exist. It is THIS intelligence which is THE basic factor to which every Chiropractor looks for restoration of health following adjustment. When any Chiropractor loses sight of this factor, he has lost the fundamental upon which Chiropractic rests. When he seeks to substitute great source to go for more knowledge than the mere pittance we think we now know.

Within the confines of each Innate Intelligence is stored, index-filed, cross-filed, cataloged, systematically, everything that ever was, is, or will be. Much within has come out. Much is in it yet to come out. All the poetry, prose, discoveries, music, inventions: all the knowledge of how birds fly, fishes swim, man walk: every device that has been produced by it is within it. If man could and would draw upon it. he could do artificially, within artificial Limitations, everything it does naturally, except in a more limited manner.

There are only 310 mechanical movements known to science. They are all in the bodies of objects Innate has made in natural objects. To invent the submarine, man needed to study how fish sink and rise. To fly man needed to study how birds fly. Genius, in man is nothing more or less that opening the gate, unlocking the inner recesses between Innate and Education, letting the flow come from within out-ward.

To repel this inner knowledge is to stagnate our greater self. To embrace this inner knowledge is to develop ourselves to be greater than we are. Innate can no more break thru an educated inhibition to change thot, than thru a vertebral subluxation to change function.
Innate knows ALL about man and woman in the gross as well as the minutest minutia. Educated man could know MORE about man and woman IF man would let Innate instruct, guide and direct his thinking. But this must come from within outward. It is entirely internal. Education on the reverse, thinks it can force the reverse from outward inward, from below upward; and when it attempts the artifieial reverse, he defeats the internal natural knowledge of knowing more about what Innate knows. Innate has known about vertebral subluxations since man was conceived. Innate also knows about correcting them. Perversion of Innate’s law has made man sick. Working WITH Innate helps to correct them.

Abnormality, sickness and insanity are inhibitions between Innate and the body it made, running normally when it was. Normality, health, life and sanity are restored by correcting the vertebral subluxation, removing the physical inhibition to normal quantity flow of intellectual energy between Innate and its living objectives.

Inhibitions, artificially manufactured by Educated man, between Innate and its living objectives is to create an obstacle between Innate and those living objectives. To build a MENTAL educated inhibition is to inhibit Innate function from bringing forth to the world what it has learned down thru the ages which would work if permitted to freely and naturally express itself. Educated man, in his narrowest thinking inflicts HIS ideas upon things natural and thus often starves history from a newer and better service to mankind.
There are those Chiropractors who explain memory, mentality and function as an assimilated molecular kaleidoscopic pattern and if as and when the pattern duplicates and repeats itself, the same memory, thought or function pattern of matter duplicates itself. The absent important point is: WHAT IS IT which intelligently, consistently and persistently duplicated the pattern hour after hour, day after day and year after year, between birth and death?”

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