Who Am I? Why am I here? What are Educated and Innate?

Laying the foundation for understanding of healing from inside-out vs fixing or treating from outside-in.
How old is Innate? What is Educated? (Quotes below at taken from ‘Inhibitions Starve History’ by B.J. Palmer 1946)
“You and I as units carry two mentalities, intellectualities, personalities – Innate and educated.”

“Innate is complete and functions perfectly. Innate comes FINISHED AND WHOLE at birth. But educated BEGINS at birth.”

“Two of us live in the same house”. Each uses senses…acts and reacts upon them. At so-called death we lose education. What becomes of Innate? Who knows?”

“We like to and want to believe many futures of glorious character! Many people BELIEVE which implies doubt rather than KNOW . ”

“When you doubt your POWER you empower your doubt” – Honore de Balzac.

(When you only believe this means you’d really like to know… really. BUT you don’t quite have that level of certainty yet.) Think for example that you don’t believe the Sun will come up; you know it will. Feel the difference within yourself and then consider how the frequency of belief is totally different from that of knowing. Consider how this reality will impact your body’s healing process and your goal setting for that matter. Would you rather believe your condition is healing or KNOW it is? The living body is governed by natural law. Why is it that our schooling largely ignores this fact? My first time being exposed to the notion of Innate Intelligence was in live presentations by the first chiropractors I met. Dr. B.J. Palmer was a highly disciplined individual who wrote a series of books during his life about the philosophy, science and art his father introduced to the world. He dedicated his life to the study of health and dis-ease. Do you know that Dr Palmer also operated the Clearview Sanitorium, an in-patient mental health facility, in Davenport Iowa?

When introducing Innate, B.J. Palmer the developer of the chiropractic profession would put it this way “This hunk of matter called man carries with himself an intellectual SUPER -man; the Innate. This hunk of matter called man also carries within himself an educated – a baby by comparison- which begins zero at birth and accumulates whatever capable of absolving. correlating, digesting-some more some less, some little other’s much.”

“Two thinking mentalities at work. (B.J. would refer to himself as ‘we’) One works 24 hours a day; the other sleeps approximately 8 to 10 hours a day. The SUPER conscious giant mind works with within us with and for the benefit of the baby mind. Conscious or baby mind is worked upon and with by the super-conscious mind. The giant mind works with baby mind to get baby mind to work with giant mind but reverse is never true. One thing is certain: giant mind will never become baby mind. One thing is hopeful: baby mind might some day reach heights of giant mind Whenever such does happen genius is in our midst- “genius” as interpreted by the baby mind: ” being natural” as interpreted by the giant mind.”

“To the materialist, strict scientis, physicist, all talk about a super mind – an Innate- is rank anatomical and physiological heresy. He ridicules itss possibility. Yet the physician will ALWAYS say “NATURE heals” the physician only assists NATURE” He knows now explanation for “NATURE” There is that inevitable golf beind which he denies. cannot affirm: admits in language, denies in prctice and cannot ignore-that something-that is ll. dies all which he cannot prove.

“To those of us who break down an analysis of the component conditions many live with who think of man as a living quality of mentalities – one superior to other”; one possessing superior wisdom of the ages, the other; a mere fragment of the whole- we realize that one know all and gives much to the lesser. The superior mind is ALWAYS WILLING TO GIVE. It rejects most of the time, Now and then one person who SEEKS TO RECEIVE DOES RECEIVE and makes history in his chosen line of activity. This is the man who has learned how to release his inhibitions.

INHIBITIONS STARVE HISTORY. The Uninhibited MAKE History…or Everyone CAN make History.”

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