Talking the TIC

What is Health. How is it caused? What does the term “health care” really mean?  The founder of chiropractic would often refer to chiropracTIC and chiropracTOR.  My daily mission and purpose in this life is to be the TOR who is talking the TIC.

Teaching Innate Consciousness‘ is the TIC TIC TIC  beating at the heart of our profession. This message begins with a known scientific fact. Because your body is alive it is capable of self-organization and self-regulation.  These foundational abilities are focused through your central nerve system. The art of  practicing wellness chiropractic is knowing how to measure and reduce  interferences which build up in the spine to the point of disturbing this central nerve system. The art is called the chiropractic adjustment.  This restores the full capacity of your natural healing,  immune and other essential core functions.

Transcending Ordinary Reality‘ is the essential skill we must develop before we can hear and understand the above TIC TALK.  In other words, wellness chiropractic must first be experienced before it is possible to ‘get’ or receive the essence of the message. You ‘see’, ‘hear’ and ‘appreciate’ the fact from your own knowing by living it.

I am saying that what drives me is the fact that there is something missing from our world of health care. There is so much at stake.  So much is being lost because of this inability to have ears that hear the basic facts.  The proof of this to me are the words; “But I don’t have anything wrong with me…I don’t have any pain…You might find something and then I’ll…My insurance doesn’t cover health”  Do you see my point?

We seem to have the mindset or idea that sickness and symptoms are the first sign of a health concern.  Isn’t this like a piano player waiting for their instrument to go out of tune before tuning it?  Does a piano need tuning before it sounds out of tune? Walt Disney once said “if you wash your windows you will never have to wash your windows…” Prevention is the best cure”

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