Carlos’ Story of Reconnection to Life…The Beginning.

Health and wellness is the normal default state of the vast majority of human beings.  Which is the most important physical system regulating our moment to moment functions?

Many would say that it is the heart that must beat to pump the blood to oxygenate and detoxify the body’s cells and systems.  Another might insist that its that the powerful muscular diaphragm that must unconsciously contract and relax like a bellows, allowing the lungs to inhale the fresh air and exhale the used vapours. “We are what we eat.” Ever heard that?  Volumes and volumes of texts and peer reviewed articles have been written about the different diets and miraculous nutritional substances without which we could not exist in the natural state for which the human body is designed – called health. A yoga practitioner would postulate that without a discipline of regular movement, life as we know it would not be possible.
A philosopher (lover of knowledge) would contribute the awareness that the term ‘human being’ is a major clue to the answer to the above question. This will be further explained presently. I would agree that each of these concepts is unique and vital to the present time process of being alive and healthy.
The key word in the original question is physical. This could be seen as the ‘human’ aspect of you. So what the heck does ‘being’ represent?  Would you believe that this dimension of you is larger, more abstract and less tangible than the physical is? This is where we exit the “evidence based” ‘box’ and enter the vitalistic realm. Being… is eternal or timeless, whole, free, spiritual, and vibrational. In the vitalistic paradigm the being aspect of us is eminently qualified to heal, regulate  and organize the physical (human) aspect of us.

Why do I talk this way? Because, that’s why. Be cause, not an effect.  I am a member of the chiropractic profession. As such, I profess to believe the human being is a union of the eternal spiritual dimension with the miraculous temporal physical body. I have proof of this.  I experience it every day in my practice . Furthermore I have a video to clearly demonstrate this reality to you. Carlos is a young boy in the Dominican Republic who was dropped on his head over ten years ago. His diminished quality of existence is obvious in the first moments of this video.  I apologize for missing the first minute of this where the circumstances are described. But I feel this 2 minute and 25 second video nonetheless speaks clearly on it own.

If you are currently one of the millions who have made spinal health through the power of the chiropractic adjustment a part of your lifestyle you will see the truth of health as you know it  revealed in this short video. What do I mean? Simply this. As I ask every new patient in our office;  have you ever had the feeling that you are living your life through your nervous system?  Can you remember that everything you experience comes to your awareness through the varied  spinal sensory receptors of your central nervous system?  Whether it is the taste of food, the aroma of flowers, the emotional intensity of a Sunset or the sensitive touch of another’s skin; our ability to feel alive is intimately linked to our brain’s sensory input. To much sensory input can actually be toxic to the brain. Watch for the moment in this video when an upper neck (Atlas) adjustment makes all the difference in this Carlos’ life as he is literally reconnected to his Source.

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