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What does it mean to change a life? Why does change depend on life experiences and not words? Because we evolve and transform through being and doing. My previous blog-post featured this heart felt testimonial. I recently came across the original while doing some filing. I’d love to meet whoever wrote this to do a follow-up assessment and have the obvious conversation.

My intent in this blog is to interpret (in italics) the different elements of this individual’s excellent summary of his first experience of chiropractic care. I believe you will understand why as you read further. Please share and comment as you are moved to do so. Thanks for dropping in.

Testimonial  To Dr. Pike, July 1998

“I am a 41 year old man with no major health problems, other than obesity and a general lack of fitness. I’m sure that sixteen years later you can see that both issues our writer mentions are in fact symptoms of potentially major ‘health problems’ in the making. 

“I began seeing Dr Pike as an initial step to improving my overall health. Like most people I was somewhat skeptical about the larger claims from the chiropractic community. If I had a back-ache or neck problem I might have thought about seeing a chiropractor but I left any general health problems to my family physician.  In any event, I had never visited a chiropractor before. I wonder who referred him. It must have been a strong referral by someone who understood the premise behind the “larger claims from the chiropractic community”.  His comments about why he would go to see a chiropractor are a common fundamental  misunderstanding of the profession’s science, art and philosophy. He is to be respected for taking action the way he did to “improve overall health” without knowing how accurate his aim was. This is faith or trust without proof.

“Two months ago I began seeing Dr. Pike two times a week.  I decided to keep on open mind to the whole process and just pay attention to any changes that might occur as the weeks past.” This is a brilliant strategy to keep the judgmental mind from attracting a result that exactly fits the fearful attitude.  This key is essential to success in anything. Creating health is a process involving many different aspects.

“After viewing the initial scan results and x-rays it was determined that my spine was in pretty good shape but I had one vertebra in my neck that had lost some mobility. Dr. Pike recommended we start eight weeks of sessions to re-align that part of my spine. He explained that the spine was the main channel allowing signals to pass up and down between the brain and the rest of the body. The blockage in my neck was likely not allowing my body to function at its best.  We have advanced chiropractic insights in this paragraph. The third principle of chiropractic states that creating health is a natural process and that all processes require the passing of time. The condition of the spine influences the condition and internal stress response within the brain.  Chiropractors are much more brain doctors than ‘pain’ doctors.  The biggest mistake I’ve seen in my over thirty years in practice is that people can’t achieve the state of mind this man did and so quit long before they have experienced what is possible when chiropractic is properly used. Let’s look at what happened in this man’s case…

“After my first adjustment I was somewhat overwhelmed by the affects it had on my entire body.  And while I wouldn’t say the feeling was all that enjoyable I could tell that something was definitely happening.”  This overwhelm is caused by the changes in brain chemistry resulting from the decreased stressors in a healthier spinal system. 

“Since then, each visit has resulted in something happening.  I noticed I was sleeping more deeply, and with more vivid dreams. My hands and other extremities began tingling for several days and I began feeling more energy that I’ve felt in 25 years.  (My wife jokes that there’s definitely no need for Viagra in our house.)  I also noticed an improvement in my ability to focus on tasks at work.” Here we see the process of total transformation which happens with the appropriate use of the chiropractic adjustment. The fact is the only people to know this are those who commit to the process.  These changes are truly impressive. The experience of life with  chiropractic  is profoundly altered is it not?  What other than changes in brain chemistry can explain the first reported differences in sleep and dreams? Significant enhancement in the function of his nervous system are plainly apparent. Increased energy and  stamina with overflow into sexuality, and increased focus are major whole body changes.

‘While it is still early in the process I am very happy to have started seeing Dr. Pike. The increased energy levels have helped me to become more active and concentrate on stemming my over-eating  I also like the idea of doing something to stay healthy rather than waiting until there is a much bigger problem and being forced to take drugs.” The understanding reflected in this paragraph speaks volumes!  He recognizes that after two months exposure to chiropractic care he is still in the “early” stages of the “process”.  He is truly appreciative of Dr. Pike’s assistance.  The connections he is seeing in the massive benefits of chiropractic care are proof of a life-changing experience that he has earned through his conscious investment of his time and energy… and can therefore share in this testimonial. 

“Since my wife would die if she saw any mention about our sex life being displayed in public I would ask that you not publish my name.  I do hope, though, that others get to see this message.  I’m sure they would find it worth considering.  I should also mention that we are planning to have our children start seeing Dr. Pike, too.”  The desire to share his experience with others is a natural impulse in my opinion. Sharing the powerful benefits of a healthy spine with his children is a natural expression of compassion.  Kids make our adjusting room lots of fun.

Yours truly,

“Pleased-and Hopeful”

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