Three Ways To Beat Stress And Live Clear and Connected

I attended the second meeting last week of the Innate Chiropractic Society. What has this to do with you and your most valuable possession –your health? Everything. Most of us don’t ever think about how amazing our body is.
In this BLOG I am going to teach you three ways to increase your body’s ability to adapt to the stress of LIFE. Remember, your body doesn’t judge whether an stress is good or bad; its just a stress and it reacts the same to both eustress and distress. The exception to this is possible or actual tissue damage which bombards the brain with toxic sensory information.

But first some background facts for you to ponder. Your body has three different systems which interact:


Each of the three stress freedom techniques I am going to comment on are connected to these systems when you do them.

Think about how you move. You decide to go over there and the ACTIVE muscles pull on the PASSIVE bones. What is at both ends of a bone? Joints. What is in these joints? CONTROL SENSORS. What are these for? Well your body’s CONTROL system is the brain and its nerve communication system. These sensors send detailed information about where your body is to the CONTROL. Do you know that there are sensors for everything. There are pressure, mechanical, toxic, temperature and even tissue damage sensors. Information from these is prioritized and the brain get this sensory input almost instantly before everything else. This information actually travels through the learning centres on its way to the frontal cortex.

Ok; I don’t want to bore you Obviously most of the movement sensors are in the spinal column. Can you see more clearly why the chiropractic adjustment to keep your spinal system clear and connected is important to your overall health?

Here are those three ways to beat stress:

PASSIVE: The principle for healthy bones is to use them. Wolfe’s Law states that as a bone is used it actually becomes more dense and so stronger. Of course, the opposite is equally true. So take walks, swim and be active.
ACTIVE: The principle with having healthy joints is based on use. This involves time and repetition. Yoga, T’ai Chi and Chi Gong are all ancient systems of movement which must be repeated once they are learned. This is why working out is a lifestyle and not a one and done thing. It also helps to have a teacher and someone to do the activity with us for accountability. Otherwise it is too easy for our lazy bones ego to stay in bed.
CONTROL: The control system is a little tricky to think about. Our brain is the organ inside the skull which receives and sends messages and energy from and to the body’s cells and organs. How can we keep out brain at its best? The principle here is neuroplasticity. What is this? The brain is always learning from its experiences or what we use it for. As a chiropractor I can tell you that the healthier your spine is; the healthier your brain is. And the more functional our brain the better EVERYTHING else works. The other aspect of this CONTROL level we call the mind. I will simply say that our mindset controls our life journey. The best state for your mind is HAPPY.
I trust you enjoyed October’s issue of E-Health News and that it will change your life for the better. Have a wonderful day and rest of October.

Yours for Healing at the speed of LIFE,

Dr. Bob PIke

ps: If you’d like to have your CONTROL SENSORS measured on our Millenium Subluxation Station; by referring to this BLOG you will be illegible for this service. Just call or email me to arrange a 15 minute appointment for you and your family.

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