What Is Sensory Processing Disorder In Children?

The language of health is changing quickly. Why? Because the notion of the state of HEALTH is under attack. I had a practice member in Toronto in the late 80s who wrote a screenplay entitled “Where The Spirit Lives“. You may remember that the First Nations were under attack by our government in days past. What was the first agenda of those religious schools which abducted first nations children from their families… from their homes? The first tactic was to prevent them from speaking their native language. Can you imagine what that felt like to these young people? Why did this happen you rightly ask? My contention as a primary health care provider in this brief article is that the same tactic is being used today in modern day health care. Before we can understand this new war; we must explore the modern methods of language invention and its purpose. For example the term autism, ADD and ADHD is now being called S.P.D. or sensory processing disorder. Listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZuu0kInwp8\

We learned in school that we have five senses; but we have at least two more that must work for the brain to be fully connected to the sensory information from the body. These are proprioception and the vestibular system of the inner ear. The way to think about these important sensory systems is this. Your body has passive, active and interactive or control systems. Examples of each are bone, muscle and the central nervous systems. What is at both ends of a bone. Joints which are filled with different kinds of neuro-sensors that give the brain detailed information of where the body is in space so we don’t bump into things. These mechano and pressure sensors in the joints are essential for our brains to guide body safely using its muscles.

When the chiropracTOR does a spinal adjustment the outcome is that the brain instantly receives increased input from the massively complex of spinal system sensors. When the brain is properly connected to these sensors, it is more able to properly adapt in daily living. This is the role the chiropracTIC profession plays in the restoration of the brain to body communications. Back pain relief represents under 1 percent of the value of chiropractic adjustment. In the above interview the reporter stated that kids are either over or under sensitive neurologically. The role of the ‘occupational therapist’ is therefore to stimulate or inhibit these children in the treatment of their P.S.D. It is very important to understand that the body by design has its own internal intelligence or innate guidance system. This is the distinction which chiropractic brings to the table in the care of these children. The chiropractor doesn’t have to “treat” the condition. The chiropractor is trained to give the body a specific spinal adjustment. This changes the function of the nervous system in each child allowing their inherent guidance to express itself more fully bringing resolution of these increasingly common disorders in today’s radically medicalized world.

At Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre (www.pikechiropractic. com) we use modern neuro-spinal measurements done by state of the art technologies including Heart Rate Variability (H.R.V.) The majority of people are living in the state of stress induced fight or flight response to daily challenges. We are not designed to have these high stress states bombarding our brains constantly.

The result of this neurological overwhelm is the state described above of Sensory Processing Disorder. Once the spinal communication system is properly adjusted by a fully trained chiropractor; the sensory disorder resolves into neurological order. Thus the state of dis-ease improves back into EASE. When you see your child experience this shift you will understand the profound difference between the ‘treatment’ of S.P.D. and the actual correction of its cause within the child’s disturbed neurological system.

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