What If A Healthy Body Was Enough To Restore All Its Functions?

What if every specific chiropractic spinal adjustment to correct subluxation changed life expression in each patient? What if an adjustment to restore spinal nerve communication, movement and remove misalignment was enough? What if normal control from the brain to the body was enough to produce amazing resources? What if bringing cells to 100% function in the human body by proper living choices was enough? What if for example correcting common spinal malfunctions improved the whole body’s function? What if eating well and breathing deeply with a happy heart did the same?

What if the brain with its 10 trillion cells was in full communication with the 70 trillion cell in a human body? What if this lasted for say one whole day without any interference or distortion? Would this simple feat truly be enough to allow operation of all of your and your child’s body’s myriad functions. Wouldn’t this state also include full adaptation to the environment by your body’s natural immune system? This natural immunity has been flawlessly acquired over hundreds of centuries of training and unadulterated use in all conditions. This complete natural protection is not experimental. Nature’s full inherent immune capacities are such that no artificial, quasi-scientific chemical experimentation would ever be considered much less injected into human infants. To think this would ever be mandated by schools at measurable risk to each child in their charge would be deemed preposterous. What if true herd immunity had been achieved over the first 12,000 years of human existence? Who would ever want to mess with the only completely natural system of immunity for our children? Isn’t it a fact our natural immunity has been forged over centuries and centuries of living adaptation experimentation this very planet? What if 100% function and HEALTH were the same? WHAT IF?

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