Are You 100%? Does Your Neck Move The Way You’d Like It To?

How would proper neck movement change your life?

  1. You would be able to check your blind spot better while driving.
  2. You would be more comfortable and productive at home, at play and at work.
  3. Because your neck has brain sensors, your brain’s function would be faster and much more clear.

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I know from over 30 years in practice that stretching is lacking in most peoples lives. Enjoy this link to a demonstration of ‘The Five Tibetans’, a simple way of moving your body into a healthier younger state.

Are you ready to experience a simple test that shows how well your body is adapting to your life? I invite you to attend  Monday Night Live. Every Monday from 7 to 7:30 pm,  MNL  includes an actual demonstration of the most recent health innovation in the world of health measurement technologies called Heart Rate Variability.

Thanks for your trust and confidence in my health creation services.

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