The Chiropractic Advantage For ALL Who Suffer From Back Pain

It doesn’t matter if you have neck pain, a stitch in your shoulder blade or daily low back ache. Chiropractic gives you a scientifically valid advantage over most symptoms including back pains. In fact, chiropractic is 123 years ahead of the medical profession in the field of health care. For 123 years chiropractic’s unique approach to health has focused on the body’s ability to function rather than merely masking inconvenient symptoms with dangerous and toxic drug therapies.

OK so what makes chiropractic so unique and gives its users such an advantage? And why do I place the chiropractic profession 123 years ahead of the medical profession in the field of health care?

Here is the chiropractic 1-2-3 response to the above question.

  1. Because chiropractors are trained to practice chiropractic and not medicine! Do you know the difference between being medicated and the having a chiropractic adjustment? Here it is. Drugs put you to sleep while specific, safe chiropractic adjustments wake you up. Did you get that? Health care has become big business. To protect its market share; the strategy of the medical organizations has always been to misrepresent and criticize its competitors to discourage their patients from using them. The truth is however, that chiropractic has never been in competition with medicine. They are two very different types of profession. How so? Medicine is quite simply the ‘treatment of symptoms’ using primarily drug therapy. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not criticizing medicine. The first fact of the chiropractic advantage is that chiropractic has its own brain-based philosophy and a proven leading edge scientific foundation.
  2. The second fact is that chiropractic is a ‘non-therapeutic’ healing art. Chiropractic is NOT yet another therapy to treat symptoms of malfunction. This very important to understand.
  3. To change your thinking regarding your chiropractic adjustment I suggest you see it this way. Are having a drink of pristine spring water, taking a deep breath of fresh clean air and eating real food all forms of therapy? Of course not! And neither is having your spine checked for neurological stress and the resulting disconnection between between your brain and the body it controls.

To be clear, chiropractic is 123 years ahead of medicine in the field of health care because the medical profession is not in the field of health care. Let me explain further. The term “health care” primarily because of the massive advertising campaign; has become associated with the medical concept of the “treatment” of symptoms. Health care or the common sense of self care and personal hygiene is not the treatments of symptoms. Self care and health care is the creation of a state of health. Symptoms are evidence of decreased health as function is being lost. Symptoms are like when your gas gauge reads E FOR EMPTY. Health care is obviously the art of reverse engineering dis-ease back into ease. Health care is living consciously to increase function by restoring health potential.

If you sense that you desire to know more about the chiropractic advantage we are happy to arrange for a health consultation which will include you learning your CORE SCORE number between 1 and 100. Simple call 905-476-6475 to arrange your day and time. Thanks for reading my blog.

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