Why Do Some Of Us Get Sick And Others Not So Much?

Obviously depending on your perspective there can be many different answers to this question. Why do some seem more prone to inheriting diseases than their siblings do? Is is possible they inherited the predisposition for the disease and because their environment was the same as the parent? Why doesn’t their sibling “get it”? Lifestyle must factor in; meaning our choices, thinking and actions. Is there another factor we have been missing because our science is blinded by theories shrouded in the economics of our world?

Do you have a persistent condition that you have been told you’ll just have to “live with”?  If you want to learn a different way to think about this, attend DINNER WITH DOC this evening at Fusion Cuisine.  Is is possible that so many of us get sick, suffer necessarily and develop organ failures simply because we are stuck in a way of thinking? Have we been taught what to think and not how to think? Wouldn’t this be a reason causing us to be blinded to the truth about our health?

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The Five Kaizens Of Health

Last week I was interviewed on Rogers for Georgina Life. This was my first opportunity to sit on the “big red couch” and chat with Jordan and Amanda. My topic was how to raise the bar or move the needle when in comes to creating health in our community. Our conversation began with an outline of the Dinner With Doc series. Interestingly; Jordan who is very knowledgeable due to his own health challenges, was fascinated by my suggestion that a healthy body is a time machine.

Time and health are related you may ask? Yes!  Consider for a moment that time is our only non-renewable resource. Ironically on the other hand time is totally an illusion. Huh? Sure it is.  What time is it now?  Well the answer (as always) is in the question. No matter what ‘time’ your smart phone reads, it is NOW. If you could ask a dog for the time the creature would cock its head sideways and roll its eyes and remind you that of course “its now man”.  Then we talked about the other three questions we cover during Dinner With Doc like what is health, how do we know and why is this true.

For today’s blog I will sum this up with the 5 Kaizens. Health is free and 100% available to each of us if we know how to align ourselves with LIFE.

  1. Posture your body into extension which is the opposite of the position known as sitting (the new smoking). Look up, raise your arms and move them backward  behind your head. Hold 10 seconds and repeat.
  2. Breath deeply from your diaphram. This means your belly goes out and as your lungs fill up your chest does too. Be conscious of the air in you sinus cavities. Repeat.
  3. Drink water. The formula for this is to drink 1/2 your body weigh in ounces daily. Repeat
  4. Your neck has a special arch when posture is open and relaxed as in #1 above. To reinforce this take a rolled up towel and place it behind your neck, hold both ends and pull downward as you tilt your chin toward the sky. Do this for 10 seconds. Repeat.
  5. Take five minutes and google www.Ideal Spine.com to learn more about your arch of life. For more information on my approach to health click here: http://pikechiropractic.com/faqs/

Creating core health is simply a process of making continuous improvements every day while having a mindset that fully accepts everything about your life in the past and NOW. More about this next time!

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Dynamic Life Connection = Personal Health Creation

I am so excited for you because you are here reading these important ideas. These ideas will give you the inspiration to create relationships. These relationships will reinforce your commitment to grow your most valuable asset. What are your values? My primary value is life connection.  Over the past year while I have been developing my Dinner WITH DOC meetings it has been very clear that the most valuable asset is life itself flowing in the human body.

I know this seems obvious BUT no one understands how this works. Very few of us grasp the importance of a fully functional body. What is that? Simple! Fully means without lack. Functional means that which causes the desired results to show up. When we get hurt or stressed, we lose life connection, our quality and quantity of function is compromised.  This leads to dis-ease. Disease is when organs go too fast and/or too slow.  These fluxuations cause changes in brain to body communications and or body to brain requests. What happens when functions shut down? We move away from our life connection. This connection is our only true life insurance. The fully connected body has adequate flow of Innate Intelligence between the magnificent brain and the awesome variety of cells and tissues. The power of Life is due to this inherent flow of incomprehensible wisdom in action through the spinal organ of communication.

Just what do I mean by the term Life Connection?

  1. The loss of connection to life is called Spinal Subluxation
  2. Spinal subluxation is a misalignment that reduces life expression between brain and body and vice versa.
  3. Subluxation is caused by continuous emotional tensions, chemical toxins and the most underrated stress which is physical traumas.
  4. Spinal subluxation can be either symptomatic in organ malfunction or may have no signs or symptoms whatsoever.
  5. The subluxation detection and correction specialists are your local chiropractor who is trained in the art of specific spinal adjustment. Chiropractors adjust to correct causes of life disconnection due to spinal subluxation.

Who Am I? Why am I here? What are Educated and Innate?

  • Laying the foundation for understanding of healing from inside-out vs fixing or treating from outside-in.
  • How old is Innate? What is Educated?  (Quotes below at taken from ‘Inhibitions Starve History’ by B.J. Palmer 1946)

“You and I as units carry two mentalities, intellectualities, personalities – Innate and educated.”

“Innate is complete and functions perfectly. Innate comes FINISHED AND WHOLE at birth.  But educated BEGINS at birth.”

“Two of us live in the same house”. Each uses senses…acts and reacts upon them. At so-called death we lose education. What becomes of Innate? Who knows?”

“We like to and want to believe many futures of glorious character!  Many people BELIEVE which implies doubt rather than KNOW . ”

“When you doubt your POWER you empower your doubt” – Honore de Balzac.

(When you only believe this means you’d really like to know… really. BUT you don’t quite have that level of certainty yet.) Think for example that you don’t believe the Sun will come up; you know it will. Feel the difference within yourself and then consider how the frequency of belief is totally different from that of knowing.  Consider how this reality will impact your body’s healing process and your goal setting for that matter. Would you rather believe your condition is healing or KNOW it is?  The living body is governed by natural law. Why is it that our schooling largely ignores this fact? My first time being exposed to the notion of Innate Intelligence was in live presentations by the first chiropractors I met.  Dr. B.J. Palmer was a highly disciplined individual who wrote a series of books during his life about the philosophy, science and art his father introduced to the world. He dedicated his life to the study of health and dis-ease.  Do you know that Dr Palmer also operated the Clearview Sanitorium, an in-patient mental health facility, in Davenport Iowa?

When introducing Innate, B.J. Palmer the developer of the chiropractic profession would put it this way “This hunk of matter called man carries with himself an intellectual SUPER -man; the Innate. This hunk of matter called man also carries within himself an educated – a baby by comparison- which begins zero at birth and accumulates whatever capable of absolving. correlating, digesting-some more some less, some little other’s much.”

“Two thinking mentalities at work. (B.J. would refer to himself as ‘we’)  One works 24 hours a day; the other sleeps approximately 8 to 10 hours a day. The SUPER conscious giant mind works with within us with and for the benefit of the baby mind. Conscious or baby mind is worked upon and with by the super-conscious mind.  The giant mind works with baby mind to get baby mind to work with giant mind but reverse is never true.  One thing is certain: giant mind will never become baby mind.  One thing is hopeful: baby mind might some day reach heights of giant mind   Whenever such does happen genius is in our midst- “genius” as interpreted by the baby mind: ” being natural” as interpreted by the giant mind.”

“To the materialist, strict scientis, physicist, all talk about a super mind – an Innate- is rank anatomical and physiological heresy.  He ridicules itss possibility.   Yet the physician will ALWAYS say “NATURE  heals” the physician only assists NATURE”  He knows now explanation for  “NATURE” There is that inevitable golf beind which he denies. cannot affirm: admits in language, denies in prctice and cannot ignore-that something-that is ll. dies all which he cannot prove.

“To those of us who break down  an analysis of the component conditions many live with who think of man as a living quality of mentalities – one superior to other”; one possessing superior wisdom of the ages, the other; a mere fragment of the whole- we realize that one know all and gives much to the lesser. The superior mind is ALWAYS WILLING TO GIVE. It rejects most of the time, Now and then one person who SEEKS TO RECEIVE DOES RECEIVE and makes history in his chosen line of activity. This is the man who has learned how to release his inhibitions.

INHIBITIONS STARVE HISTORY. The Uninhibited MAKE History…or Everyone CAN make History.”



What Is The Leading Cause Of Disease And Early Death?

spine to brain

Would you rather have a back problem or a brain problem?

I’m not “beating around the bush” in this blog post. We haven’t got the time to waste while losing our most valuable asset. So alright; which is your most valuable asset? Everyone says its their health. If you ask someone who is pregnant whether what they desire most, a boy or girl; what is the usual response?  “It doesn’t matter, just as long as he or she is healthy”.

The answer to the question asked in my title is shocking.  The leading cause of disease and early death is it happens because most people wait until they have a symptom.

You better read that last line again.  What is the most common first sign of a heart problem?  Do you know? The answer is – a heart attack.  Disease is a process of disorder and dysfunction over time.  So, how much organ damage and degeneration must have happened before a symptom finally is felt?  Research has shown that 40% loss must have happened which means that the person who had the attack was only at 60% the day before.  Can you have a body with stage four cancer without symptoms? YES!

If you were going to take your family on a trip through the desert but one of your tires was about to go flat; when would you want to know about it? NOW RIGHT? Why? Because you don’t want to have a flat. Where? In the desert.

Would you like to actually know today… how your one and only body is actually functioning? Why? So an unexpected disease process isn’t allowed to interrupt your precious life journey!  This is what we do here at Pike Chiropractic Healing Centre. We test and align the system that protects and controls ALL the other cells and systems that make up your body.

That’s right, the principle of CHIROPRACTIC IS ABOUT KEEPING YOUR BODY AT FULL FUNCTION ……………….not about symptoms and reaction pain.  

What would your life feel like if you knew you possessed predictable health. Do you believe this is possible? Do believe you can have it. And most importantly; do you believe that you are worth it?

It you desire to know more about this possibility call Dr. Bob Pike at 905.476.6475 to book the most important free consultation appointment of your life.

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Which Do You Have; A Back And Neck Ache Or A Brain Problem?

IMG_0703.JPG pin imageIMG_0704.JPG scan sublux

How do I explain what I have learned about health and healing to a community like ours that really needs leadership? Simple. Tell the truth right?  Take this for example. I receive a postcard notice in the mail entitled FAITH-HOPE-LOVE on July 14-16th. So here’s my response as a leader to this invitation. First, understand that the guiding principle in my life and vocation as a chiropractor is the LIFE PRINCIPLE.  What is this principle? It is the overwhelming example life shows me every day in  the abundance of nature and the the miracles people experience in my adjusting studio. So when I look at the three words on this invitation one of them doesn’t resonate with me while the other two do. What do I do? Do I say anything, or do I keep silent?

I’m guided by the life principle to know this fact. Life in expression in me and around me is constantly giving me what I and my family need to live our lives. To me LOVE is about a consistent, cyclic, constantly demonstrated unconditional sharing of immense value.  This gift in the present (pun intended) gives me what I need for my body to live and be healthy.  I begin to actually know and trust in something I cannot see but with is everywhere I look. I can feel FAITH growing in my heart and mind. I KNOW I am not alone. I KNOW Something is with us.

How do I explain what I know about health and healing? I show it i my windows like the two images above. I speak it. I live it.  Health is a natural outcome of LIFE in full expression. So the simple explanation of cancer, heart attacks and organ stress conditions like diabetes, liver congestion,asthma, bladder dysfunction, kidney disease and prostate hypertrophy; the simple truth about disease is that life hasn’t been and is not in full expression. It can’t be. The question is why not? I posted the answer to this in my previous blog which suggest you refer to.

The safety pin demo above is self explanatory. Normally when your brain communicates 100% with your organs they function 100%. When something breaks the circulation of energy and messages; dysfunction begins and may not be even noticed let alone felt for decades. The reason so many young humans in our town are dying is because most of us think that health is how we or our loved ones are FEELING. I have question for you. Do people die mainly from conditions they feel of from diseases they didn’t ever know were growing in their body? Think about this. Think hard because thinking isn’t easy and it doesn’t come naturally to most of us because of the schooling we were subjected to.  What about the scan results on the right side above? Simple, this is what silent, invisible DIS-EASE looks like until it announces itself through a medical physician as an unexpected chemical result in a blood test. But by that time as they say; the horse done already left the barn. It’s too late. Another medical failure for the stat log.

If your brain-body commnication has been malfunctioning for three of four decades because of an unhealthy spine and disturbed nervous system -SUB-LUX-ATION- those aches and pains were also brain symptoms NOT merely back and neck problems you can mask with OTC meds, massage, physio or a back crack every time it hurts.

If you want to save your own life or that of a friend or loved one give us a call 905-476-6475. Have a wonderful weekend!


Are Your Natural Energies Tuned in and Turned On? If So You Are Health.

The basic premise of chiropractic is that ‘true’ health is dependent on the full expression of life. “This basic premise is the strength of chiropractic, the premise that there is an interference that is causing the problem. By the way, its not just the cause of the physical problem when a patient shows up. Its a cause of all of mankind’s problems: there is an interference to the expression of life.”(1)

The chiropractic adjustment  is about removing interference to life expression at the physical level. Why do I need to qualify the word health with the adjective ‘true’? My best answer to this question is that there IS a source of health.

“Chiropractically we have called this Innate Intelligence. In effect this is our ‘true’ identity(2). This is that part of Universal Intelligence resident within the person. We have further said that Innate is constantly giving to matter its qualities and characteristics. This is a sound premise. The person’s true identity centers in Innate Intelligence and the qualities and characteristics of innate are the person’s true nature. Each person has the responsibility, in identity with innate, to give these qualities and characteristics to what is called ‘matter.’ Should the person be identified with other qualities and characteristics than those that are true of innate, then this sets up within the person a conflict pattern (or contradiction), producing an internal concussion of forces which in turn is the the basic cause of all vertebral subluxations.”

“First of all, everyone who comes into our office for help comes in because there’s an interference to life’s expression. That’s all disease is, that all sickness is. It isn’t anything of itself. It is the absence of life in expression. that’s all. And if life is damned off we have the manifestation of ill conditions. We put names on them and make a big deal out of nothing. But it is just the interference to life’s expression.

More on this flow of chiropractic philosophy from my mentor Dr. Bill Bahan in my next Blog on “Innate Psychiatry”

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1 Bill Bahan quotes circa 1975

2. emphasis mine



How To Prevent Lost Health From Destroying Your Life


Why do I ask this question in the title of this post?…  (Please read my thoughts  and feel for yourself if they make any sense to you).

…Because over my 35+ years as a health care provider I have noticed that as health comsummers; we buy what we want and not what we need.  What does this mean? Well we buy stuff like houses, cars, boats, TVs etc, etc… Its all good…BUT We spend our money and may even go into debt for what we ‘want’. Now watch this. When I’m speaking to groups of people and ask what is the most valuable thing that you own?  Health or my life is the response!! There is no other right answer because as you know if you have ever had your health threatened, your WHOLE life becomes about getting it back.  A recent study of our insurance based medical system  identified the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US. More here What you see is a system where supposedly “non-profit” and “charitable” institutions are raking in massive profits — while still begging the public for donations.”

Is there a solution to this painful reality? The answer is YES! But we must first rethink health completely get real and admit that my health is my responsibility and no one elses.  Ask yourself this question… Will my (alleged) ‘health’ insurer protect me from growing cancer cells and the treatment costs? NOPE as the above articles both prove.  If you haven’t yet reached the point of admitting your responsibility for your health; you could be thinking ‘those articles were about the USA ‘but its different here in Canada‘.  Oh really? Are you sure? Remind yourself here

The manufactured crisis in healthcare is chronic under-funding, and the solution is more comprehensive public funding, not corporatization. Since 1981 hospital funding has decreased significantly as a share of Canada’s huge health (sickness) care (treatment) budget.

Read between the lines about how the Canadian economy determines availability of insurance based sickness treatments in Ontario.   http://bit.ly/29hTRbL

Let’s take the high road with this over-complicated topic shall we?  The truth is that like sunshine and air (so far); health is FREE.  Of the vast numbers of human beings on the planet; most of us were born 100% healthy.  You may or may not agree with me on this and I care about your opinion. I do; but not that much. Everything you and I have been taught about health is distorted and inaccurate. Everything. The fact is that HEALTH IS FREE.  So how do Canada and the USA; two of the most “developed” nations on Earth end up SO SICK?

Do you believe your body is self regulating? Do you know that your brain and nervous system control and regulate every other system in your whole body? This is not my opinion.  It is a fact that there are 40 times more messages moving from body to brain than move from brain to cells and tissues. The brain is how the master guidance responds and communicates to each and every system in the body. This ‘free’ intelligence is an inborn or innate intelligence that permeates the cells and systems that makes your body into the living instrument that it is.

I assume you already know that an instrument must be kept in tune to fulfill its function properly. Do you know how to tune your body (self care)? Does anyone else know how to tune your body (health care)? Are we supposed to believe that the struggling financially motivated medical model has this knowledge? Do you trust politics to have the answers? Do you really believe that there is a difference between parties? Or is it plausible that everyone in our flawed political system is trapped by the sheer complexity of it? Conversations with Great Minds interviews Stephen Brill on this question. Take the time to listen as a Canadian to the drama unfolding in the US.

“But we must first rethink health completely”

The perspective that can change how we live as well as how long and how well we live is the fact the human body is designed by life to be self healing. There is living intelligence inside your cells that never makes a mistake. To “think different” about health means we have made a decision to embrace the reality that our life force has the resources to repair, detoxify and heal all accumulations of wear and tear from our daily living. How does this decision show up? By being the person who accepts absolute responsibility to co-create health with this inborn life force. To fully activate our inherent FREE life force we must learn to get out of the way. How? We can love our body by taking action and increasing our priceless (FREE) personal LIFE CONNECTION.  Why? This responsible person understands what is at stake, what does and doesn’t work. This person chooses to live differently by transcending what is. But we must first rethink health completely. The key to this means transcending ‘what is’ in order to evolve into the transformed state that I am calling HEALTH.

If you want to have more information and proof of this new health perspective working in chiropractic care; please contact me at 905-476-6475 or visit www.pikechiropractic.com/testimonials/.  You hold all the power when it comes to growing your future health so that you will be ready to live your dreams into memories!

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How Do You Get The Best Value From Your Chiropractic Care?

The biggest challenge to understanding health or body function properly is to be responsible for yourself.

Nathaniel Brandenhttp://www.nathanielbranden.com/ was a psychotherapist who coined the term “self esteem.”  One day Dr. Branden was asked what the primary secret to mastering self esteem was.  His immediate answer was…”You must accept full responsibility for everything you have ever thought, said and done in your life”.

In order to create true change in our lives we need to honour the concept of neuroplasticity? This process describes the adaptive nature of your brain and body. For example the more we do anything, the better we get at doing it.  Examples include: learning to walk, learning to speak and learning to play piano.  By repeating a particular behaviour our brain actually changes itself physically For example on the dark side of this is addiction

. This can be applied to working with a person’s spine. For example, if a spine is injured in a physical way the alignment over several decades becomes a persistent pattern of movement that may drive the person to a chiropractor. The key concept here is how long has this spinal adaptation been going on? What will it take to restore it?  If a fifty-five year old begins care for a condition that has been perfected over the years by spinal postural habits and muscle memory that has developed.  It is the responsibility of the D.C and the person seeking help is also  responsible to realize that true healing will involve  three phases of care.

  1. Subulxation* detection and correction (2-4 months of corrective adjtustment)
  2. Spinal healing and repair process (9 months or more of weekly spinal checkups for natural healing changes)
  3. Prevention of relapse from life stress (lifestyle chiropractic wellness visits).

* Subluxation means a spinal misalignment or movement pattern that is disturbing the precise functions of the body’s master controlling system.  This brain body disconnection impacts every tissue and organ and all systems to effect some degree of malfunction.  This is why health properly defined is full function and NOT simply how we are feeling.

This is the key role of chiropractic is to successfully correct this deeply ingrained spinal problem which has been preventing proper function of your brain and nervous system. Once you have reached the lifestyle care phase your health or body function has been restored and your responsibility shifts to prevention and lifestyle modification to avoid the buildup of physical, chemical and emotional burdens. Your wellness focused chiropractor will  guide you towards the benefits of learning the art of being healthy.